Piri Cribb

Piri Cribb – MC

Piri Cribb
Conference MC


Wow, what an honour it is to be back amongst people with drive, dedication and passion about the housing landscape in New Zealand.

Heading into my third national conference as the emcee I’m just as stoked to be making a return as I did a number of years ago.

I’m continuously in awe of the amazing work being done by people in the housing space to advance the dreams and aspirations of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

I am a ‘just about’ 50-year old mother of three and soon to be nanny of three (two amazing grandsons at the moment and another grandbaby due in October).

These days I work as a ‘Business Advisor Change’ with the Ministry of Justice on the Whenua Māori Programme. Housing is an aspiration for all New Zealanders and I often come across families wanting to make the most of the land that they have been guardians of for generations.

My unpaid work sees me serve as a member of my daughter’s High School board of trustees, I hold a number of positions of other committees and boards but what I love most is sitting in the lounge of my home listening to the melodious harmonies of screaming grandchildren, the laughter and debates of my children and their partners and the stories my mother shares with them all.

I’m a simple person with a simple philosophy in life left to me by Dr Suess, ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out’.

Gatherings of this kind give me hope that there is a solid appetite for making dreams a reality.

The line-up looks formidable and I just hope I can keep up with the energy and enthusiasm I have come to know and love of this kaupapa.